Catman and Chalkeye

April 18, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 16

It has been an absolutely wonderful week here at McGinnis Meadows! The highlights: horsemanship (obviously), beautiful weather, and… drumroll please… cattle! Our steers arrived! Lets dig in.

Our new buddies

Starting with horsemanship, we have all been having a marvelous time riding with Shayne and Des in their indoor arena. It has been a great environment to learn and be able to focus on the individual needs of every horse that is ridden. Lately we have all been working on the hind-and-front exercise that is so vital to the balance and education of the horses. Around the perimeter of the arena you will see all of us rolling the hind 180o and then bringing the front end around 180o to result in coming out on a straight line. We are learning how important it is to have straightness through every movement. To have a proper soft feel you need straightness. To have a proper leg-yield, you first need straightness. It’s a beautiful transformation when you achieve the feeling of a horse standing up under saddle with straightness and balance.

Bonnie working with Brownie from the fence

In our groundwork department, Janice and Bonnie have been hard at work! Every morning you can find them in the Kit arena going over the fundamentals of proper groundwork. Bonnie says she is having a wonderful time 🙂

These cattle sure love their mineral!

On Wednesday of this week we welcomed the arrival of most anticipated additions to the ranch: the steers. These tiny little guys are settling in nicely to their new pastures. Early on Thursday morning, Shayne and a bunch of the wranglers rode out to sort out any sick cattle so that they can be sure to be doctored and returned to their former health. It was a blast! Once we got them all sorted out, we moved the lot to their pasture in front of Randy’s house where their dinner was set out waiting for them. Since the sickos are now doctored and on the mend, they have also been allowed to join their buddies in the pasture.

Scott and Twizzle had to get their glamour shot

The weather was in our favor yesterday when we went out again to ride through the steers and check on them. We found the ones that had been doctored the day before and were glad to see the amount of improvement in just one day. As we rode through them Shayne also taught us all how to best sort through them to achieve a smooth relay of riders and cattle from one corral to another. It was a delightful afternoon- made only better by the sunshine and fresh air.

Emily and Mighty sorting cattle

I think I can speak for everyone here when I say that we are sincerely hoping that the fine weather will persist. Although we all love the indoor arena, we’re eager to enjoy the world beyond the roll-up-door. I am sure that quite a few of you who read this can commiserate with us on this feeling.

While hoping and praying the best for our friends and our nation, we wish you happy trails.

-Anna C


Sleepy Baby <3


Bonnie and Brownie