December 22, 2018 – Volume 13 – Issue 49

Greetings everyone!

     Roby & Rocket bringing home           Belgarde Christmas tree

Christmas is right around the corner and here at the ranch we are getting excited for the day.  Even though most of our families couldn’t make it out for a visit this year, we as a ranch family are getting together to have a big Christmas dinner at the Merz house.  And to make life a little more cheery we are doing a “White Elephant” gift exchange.  I have heard buzz around the water trough saying there are some interesting gift ideas.  We’ll take some pics to let you in on the fun!

Roby and the wrangler crew (Brenda, Janice, and Jenna) are still continuing on honing their skills on the fundamentals.  The ropes were swinging the other night in full force.  And Roby is still continuing putting some good rides on the guest horse strings getting ready for the upcoming season.

The attack of the dust bunny is still in full force.  The cabins & rooms have been conquered and the public areas of the lodge are in the cross hairs now!

           Dave working in office cubby space

Dave has been chipping away at projects sprucing up different areas of the Ranch while the guests are celebrating the holidays with their families.  He is working on putting in a new ceiling in the pantry and in the office cubby space, in amongst his routine checks of all the buildings for cold weather issues.  And speaking of cold weather issues, we have been having warmer temperatures during the day with a decent amount of rain and freezing at night. Dave and Brenda have been out this week spreading straw for the horses to walk and bed down in.  And for us humans to get around without ice-skates too!!  The fickle weather can make it a challenge for all two & four legged animals to get around some days.

                      Dave & Erin Feeding

In the mid-afternoon you can put an ear out to hear the big John Deere tractor. That would be just Erin and Dave driving around with the flat bed trailer feeding the critters.  I say critters because our friendly herd of Elk has figured out when dinner is served and they hop over the fence to share a meal with the horses.  I have been unable to obtain a photograph for your viewing pleasure.  I might have to bust out the camouflage but I going to get one this year.  So just stay tuned!

According to the weatherman old man winter is finally going to get around to our part of the mountains with colder temperatures and maybe a little snow to freshen up the earth for a white Christmas.  For a few of us, this is our first Christmas on the ranch and we are looking forward to creating new traditions and sharing some old ones too.

From all of us here at McGinnis Meadows we wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas!!

Happy Trails,


                          Nemo is so cute!


               Making a horse snow angel


       Jenna as always happy in the kitchen




                     Hanging in the trees




                         Jenna & Shadow