August 3, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 29

Hey Everyone,

Now that the clinics with Buck are over haying season is in full swing here at the ranch! For days now our team of hardworking women and men has been out mowing, raking, baling, and storing all of the hay from the freshly trimmed meadows. Altogether they made over 2000 bales! All the grass that was previously tall enough to overshadow some of our smaller horses is now sheared short like a buzz cut. The bales they are making are nothing to mess with either- each square bale is close to 600 pounds! No wonder it takes so much work. Once all of the hay is stored away and the crew has a moment to rest we will be able to ride out into the meadows and do cavalry exercises and other fun games in all the newly opened space. Oh the anticipation!

Pard leading his buddies across the pasture

Apart from haying, the rest of the staff is hard at work getting projects done around the ranch. Up in the office, Janice and I are prepping for 2020 already! Finalizing our schedule and taking in reservations for the new year has allowed us both to become excited for what next year will bring- and its hardly August! Be sure to check out all of the great opportunities laid out on our newly updated website.

Downstairs around the kitchen our faithful kitchen crew are yet hard at work making sure that the rest of us have hearty meals to come to at the end of the day- we would all starve without them! I am sure you are all familiar with the quality of cuisine that we are given here at McGinnis Meadows- we’re spoiled with so many thoughtfully prepared meals. Hands down. No question.

Dave and Adrienne <3

Since unveiling his new indoor arena last week, everyone has been itching to get over to Shayne’s new ring! It’s breathtaking and BIG! Every detail has been considered and executed with mastery. The footing is great and the space ideal with enough pens set up to accommodate any ranch and personal horses that would be lucky enough to cross the threshold.

Although it breaks our hearts to think of it, this week we have the excessively miserable job of saying goodbye to some beloved members of our ranch family. Dave and Adrienne will be moving away… some of us are handling it better than others. The impact they have made on this place through their devotion to their work and friendships will always be felt and cherished. In the words of Shayne, “They’re leaving this place better than they found it.” And we all know this to be true. We wish them well and send all our love with them down the road.

Emily and Dani

We’re back to our normal schedule next week with a couple of changes- Dani finished her internship this past week and is heading home. We are hoping to see her again very soon. On a happier note, Kevin is back! Amidst all the sadness of saying goodbye to good friends, it’s a nice change to be able to welcome one back home to the ranch. In regard to our upcoming week: it will inevitably be very eventful as we prepare to move the steers to their next grazing allotment and welcome a whole new group of guests to the ranch.

Happy trails,



The trucks and flatbeds transported all of the new bales to the hay barn

Little Bow Peep… I mean, Roby 🙂