January 2, 2021, Volume 15, Issue 52

Happy New Year everyone!

Pecos- better known as ‘Pickles’!

As we ride into 2021, the sentiment out and about is, let’s kick 2020 out the door on its butt, and move on to better things. At the ranch, we are truly blessed to have had a sense of normalcy throughout the pandemic as we chug along through our day-to-day adventures.

The horses know nothing of the chaos in the outside world, and we as their partners, need to do our best to convey leadership and guidance despite any internal feelings we have happening. While this can be an extreme exercise in self-awareness and discipline, we owe it to them- every minute of every day. I am grateful to be among folks who have this goal in mind and who are all in it for the horse. Below you can read more about our staff’s individual gratitude. We will also be conveying a personal goal that each of us have- you can check these out on our FB page in the coming weeks… 🙂

“I’m grateful for where we live and even though COVID affected our guest season, it did not drastically affect our way of life.  Things were pretty normal in our little solitary utopia—and I feel that we are beyond blessed for that.”  ~Des

Des and Tucker

“As this trying year has come to an end I find myself looking back on everything we have endured. It would be easy and convenient to claim that 2020 was one the worst years but truthfully all I am able to recall are the amazing opportunities I have been able to partake in and more important how much I’ve grown. This year has forced me into some uncomfortable territory both mentally and physically and I am extremely grateful for each and every uncomfortable moment. It’s those uncomfortable moments that have really helped me grow beyond what I had originally thought possible. I have grown as an individual and feel more confident in every aspect of my life and who I am. I’ve rediscovered things I had forgotten about myself and pushed to learn new and foreign concepts that have allowed me to focus in on what I feel it means to truly live a rewarding life. “                   ~Emily

“The thing I’m most grateful for in 2020 was how we were able to continue to ride and work, pretty much as normal. Then, being able to bring guests of the ranch into this environment by utilizing the quarantine made it even more meaningful. Because of that, the ranch never felt dramatically different for us, or the guests who were able to come.”                                                                              ~Kevin

Shayne and Cooley

“This year I’m the most grateful for my ranch family. We have all gotten so close over this last year and it’s made the ranch experience even more special. I have never been around such a strong, supportive and gritty group of people. No matter what I know they’ve always got my back. I’m looking forward to sharing another year of adventures with this amazing crew.”                                            ~Maddie


“I am grateful for my country that still, at least for now, stands for freedom and bravery.”                            ~Brenda

“It’s the little things…I’ve always been one to focus on the bigger picture /goal, but this year I am grateful for finally discovering the “little things”.  I am realizing that while the bigger picture is important, it is the awareness of all the details and little pleasures along the way, that makes the journey memorable. Being able to spend more time with my ranch family this season, really getting to know them, and doing the same with the ponies, has been so uplifting. Even though we all have this study of horsemanship as our commonality, every person and every horse brings to the table their individuality- and this is something that I will treasure.”                                                ~Janice

May Peace and Happiness be with you.

Your friends at MMR

Wyatt Earp