Volume 17, Issue 17

May in Montana, to me, is an exceptional month. Rich, nutritious green has returned and with it follow the sights and sounds of wildness coming alive. When I was checking our newly branded cattle a few days ago, it occurred to me how fortunate I was at that very moment to ride a horse and check cattle in the middle of a bright spring day without hunger, fear of gunfire or fear of airplanes flying overhead to destroy this very thing that I deeply enjoy.


May in Montana and around our country is a time when people pause to remember those soldiers who have given their lives to keep the United States of America the United States. Some decorate the graves of the fallen with flowers or flags, while others take off their caps, bow their heads in humble gratitude. Here on the ranch, there are no graves of the fallen to place flags or flowers upon, but there are flags hung in each arena- the old and the new- as well outside the dining room. I am really proud of that.

I spend a great deal of time in the old indoor (for that is where the horse hospital is located). Most evenings before I turn off the lights, I look up and gaze at our country’s flag hanging in its glory. I pause, give thanks and often times tear up (as I am now). I know that behind that flag is great deal of sacrifice and selflessness. Being able to work and breathe and live on a ranch in the green of Montana is a blessing given to me by those that chose to protect my way of life now and before I was born. Yes, Montana is a truly special please, this ranch is a special place, but without those that have given their live to protect this land, I would not be walking or riding on its soil.  -Brenda