June 27, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 25


Projects, projects, projects! The last few weeks we’ve been continuing to work on projects all around the

Roby jingling in the herd

ranch to take care of this place we all call home. This includes a lot of things, one big one we’ve been working on is making sure all our pastures are safe for the herd, like picking up sticks, and de-limbing as we rotate through the different pieces on the ranch. Likewise, Scott has been out working on the fence all week making sure the herd and the cattle are where they’re supposed to be, hopefully we won’t have any escape artists!

Meanwhile, Brenda who does all our vet tech work has been doing a great job of taking care of the herd this week, giving them the extra care they need and we sure do appreciate it! It’s a lot of work to keep the herd healthy and happy, but its all well worth it, happy horses make happy riders.

Speaking of riders, in the arena Des began Monday horsemanship working with us on groundwork, seat position, and really getting our horses to walk out. She even demo’d some groundwork with her little colt Lefty and it was really cool to see how little she had to do to get him to do things. Des did a great job of explaining what she was looking for from Lefty in his groundwork and what she wanted from us in our groundwork. Des then got on Lefty and demonstrated how the groundwork translates to under saddle. It’s amazing how much of a difference good groundwork can make in your ride.

Baldie 🙂

After a long good day of riding, we got to sit down to a good old-fashioned barbecue dinner in the tent that our wonderful chef Emily cooked up. We had smoked tenderloin, smoked salmon, smoked turkey breast, creamed corn etc. and topped it all off with the tastiest blueberry pie I’ve ever had for dessert! Emily never fails to make an amazing dinner for all us folks and even danced for us at the end. Dinner and a show! It was a dinner to remember for sure.

As this week has come to a close, we’re beginning to get excited abut opening up to our month long guests starting mid-July. Just a few short weeks away! We here at McGinnis can’t wait to start welcoming back some familiar faces, and maybe even some new faces. Well that’s all for this week!

Happy Trails,


Our newest intern, Sophie

Intern Preston

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