August 22nd, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 33

It’s been a wild week here at the ranch! We’ve been moving steers like crazy from our  McKillop piece to Davis Mountain, which has proven to be quite the trek! This bunch of steers continues to be their wiley selves, but we’ve gotten pretty good at wrangling them nonetheless.

Moo Moo

Davis Mountain is our largest grazing allotment, and it’s a long ride to get there. We have to push them buggers all the way through McKillop, through Elk Creek ,which is a small holding pasture, then through a meadow, and finally into Davis Mountain. I had never been to Davis before this week, so it was cool to be able to go out there and really get to know more of this beautiful country. Not only that,I’ve been continuing to learn more about how to move cattle, how to turn them, how much pressure is needed, where you need to make sure you’re flanking them so they don’t spill etc. I’m discovering that the better you know the country, the easier it is to know where they might spill and prepare ahead of time.

I’ve been lucky to ride with Brenda, Emily and Scott who have taught me a lot this last week. I always learn a lot going out, and especially going out with such great wranglers. We’re all happy to have moved the last of the steers into Davis this week, and that our count was correct! From now on we’ll be going out to Davis to check on the steers, move them around in the piece, and check all the tanks each week. They’ll hangout in Davis until it’s time to bring them down off the mountain.

That’s all for this week

Happy Trails,



Anna and Chief


Brenda and Magoo


Alyssa and Catman