May 11th, 2021 Volume 16, Issue 18

Up, up, up we go!

Down the mountain and up again and back down and up again!

Spring is in full swing and cattle are on the ranch. That means making sure fences are up to par so the wranglers don’t have to chase loose livestock around the mountains. For the past few weeks Scott, Levi and myself have been making the

Chris and Levi going over their daily plan

rounds around the meadow and graze pasture fences making repairs and shoring up damaged lines. We had a few big wind storms over the winter which means there is no shortage of downed trees and limbs to cut up and haul off. This means packing in tools and saws while hiking the fences, it’s one heck of a workout but there’s no better way to get to know the pastures.

The current big project is building and repairing fence in all the cattle grazing areas, miles of it. The days usually start out packing chainsaws while following a trail of

Levi headed down to check fence

flagging tape laid out by Randy the day before, clearing any downed trees and thick brush as we go. Then we’ll pull the wire, set posts, tie everything in and get it tensioned. Levi and I have gotten a good method down, efficiency is they key to minimize the number of round trips up and down the mountain on foot packing supplies. The views keep getting better and better the higher we go, while there’s still some snow on the higher ridges the valley becomes greener everyday with the warmer weather. You can’t ask for a better office. If you’re visiting us keep a close eye up on the mountain sides, you just might spot the two Texas boys rappelling down a fence line in NW Montana.

Until next time,