October 20, 2018 – Volume 13 – Issue 40

Greetings everyone,

Our guests have started their journey back home but they are still here in spirit! It was a small personable group for our last week before winter horsemanship starts. Sara and Devis have a ranch in Italy where they tend to their cattle, start colts and lead guided rides. Alida flew here from Australia and she too has a ranch back home. She offers longer riding treks where people can see the country. They all came here to improve their horsemanship skills, and that they did!

             Students Sara, Alida and Devis

Guests and interns worked on a variety of things this week and even got to ride outside a few afternoons, including moving cattle that had to be weighed. They all left with a better understanding of how to move their horse’s feet, in time and in balance. Devis got addicted to roping as well and he could be found at night practicing in the indoor arena!

Des shares with us her thoughts on the week as well…They say time flies when you’re having fun.  This season, I think we all had the most fun ever, because it seems like it flew by faster than ever!  This week marked the beginning of Winter Horsemanship.  We have been fortunate though—aside from very “crispy” mornings, the afternoons have been absolutely gorgeous!  We were riding outside in just our button up shirts, no coats and even then, it was warm!

Shayne spent a few days riding with our interns and with Sue. They worked on straightness in all gaits, swinging their ropes and tracking up on our pull-sled roping dummy, named Ugly.  Sue will be heading home for the winter.  She has a hip surgery coming up that involves an extensive recovery.  She’ll be back in the spring, fully recovered and better than ever!

                    Happy Ponies!

Now that some of their jobs duties are no longer necessary because peak season is over, many of our staff members have switched hats and our working outside.  The big project from now until the snow flies is getting our horse’s Winter Pasture as pristine as possible!  Willy is out with the excavator, cleaning the big stuff and Adrienne, Anna, Scott, Erin and Brenda have been de-limbing trees and picking up brush and cutting up downed trees.  It’s a HUGE project but everyone is working hard at it because well—we love our ponies!

Nathan and Randy have been working with Scott and Anna to get them under as many horses as possible before they head off to eight weeks of shoeing school next week!

                     Willy and the excavator 


We’re excited to have these guys start their shoeing careers with us while also advancing their horsemanship careers in the process.

Never a dull moment out here at McGinnis Meadows!

Des & Janice

                 One of the finished products


               Sara working on moving each foot with Cheech




                   Devis getting a soft back up on Twizzle


                Bringing the cattle back after weighing


                     Fall colors are still going strong


                         Wow- another fabulous creation by Miriam!