September 12th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 36

We had our first dose of cold weather this week Monday night here at the ranch. The next morning we all pulled out our jackets, gloves and hats, and there was even a bit of frost on the ground! Brrr! Since then it’s been steadily a bit colder

Steers out at Graze

here in the mornings, fall is definitely around the corner. Despite the colder temps at night going into the mornings it’s still been getting up into the 80’s during the day, but it’s supposed to drop down to the 70’s and even 60’s next week, a welcome change!

Our wranglers and guests have been going out to graze all week, putting eyes on the cattle and enjoying the views. Graze, which is also known as Davis Mountain, has beautiful views of the Cabinet Mountains, and in some spots you can see the whole valley! The guests have really been enjoying going out and getting to explore our extraordinary country. Scott, Brenda and Kevin have been taking them out for ¾ days, eating lunch with the beautiful sights on their long days out at Graze.

Chalkeye and Leory Goofing Around

Back in the arena we’ve really been working on riding with our bodies and our LEGS. To practice this, Des has been having us work with neck ropes. They really force you to use your hands less, and your body more. And they show you how much you rely on your hands when you don’t even realize it. At the end we did a few relay races with the neck ropes and everyone did a great job! It’s always cool to see everyone’s progress, including the horses.

Well that’s all for this week folks, tune in for next weeks adventures!

Happy Trails,




Some more steers taking a shady nap


Our wonderful Ms Joy


Maddie and her cake from last week 🙂