Fancy and Pecos

Hello friends,

Mid-way through September, we are really getting into the swing of our fall gather! Slowly but surely we are moving groups of steers from Davis mountain to Elk Creek Pasture, and then on home to the Belgarde pasture. It’s a long drive- but so much fun!

We even had the opportunity this week to weigh a number of the steers to get an idea of how much they have gained over the course of the summer season. One of our heftiest of steers clocked in at close to 1,050 pounds! All of the guests really enjoyed getting the chance to practice their sorting as we cut off groups of five steers at a time to be taken to the scale. Once in the scale corral, one at a time the steers had to be sorted off to be weighed. So. Much. Fun.

Julia, Dottie, Laurie, and Karen

So many familiar and dear friends have come back to ride with us this week- Karen, Laurie, and Dottie come every year to help gather our steers. This year, Dottie brought along Julia who has proved a great help moving cattle. She also has a natural skill for the cutting machine. Kim and Neville Yates brought their personal horses to join in the festivities. They specifically asked to be challenged on their rides- so we made them ride with Scott. Just kidding! Scott is a great teacher and they had an absolutely wonderful time riding with him up and down Davis Mountain moving steers.

The perfect day!

This week was also particularly fun because many of our guests came together as a large group! Coming from various corners of the world, from Texas to the Netherlands, this group of friends has made our week so much brighter with their laughter and jokes.

The weather is quickly cooling off around here and starting to feel like autumn. I could not be more excited! Loving every moment is an understatement. And it will only get better from here! Before closing this edition of the Highline, enjoy this quote from the beloved neighbor, Mr. Rogers:

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”

What a great group we had this week!

Although this may seem like an obvious statement, it is important for us all to remember as we transition out of the summer and into the earlier nights and colder mornings of fall time and winter. This is not only a change, but an opportunity. I know I can speak for the rest of the McGinnis Meadows staff that we will continue to strive forward in our horsemanship and our work. We hope the same for you! And if you’re interested in coming our for our fall or winter horsemanship programs, please do not hesitate to reach out to us- we would be delighted to share this season with you at McGinnis Meadows.

Well, friends, that’s all for now.

Happy trails,


Moving steers through Elk Creek

Quite the busy watering hole!

Pileated woodpecker seen in Shayne’s yard

Catharine pushing steers down the road