June13th 2021 Volume 16, Issue 20

Hi Everyone!

Alex Here,

I am a new intern at McGinnis Meadows, and I will be writing the high line today to tell you all about what has been happening at the ranch lately!

I recently started my internship last week at the ranch to learn more about the Buck Brannaman style and approach of horsemanship, ranching business, and the active lifestyle that is apart of them both. I came to McGinnis Meadows because I wanted learn the Buck Brannamn style and approach of horsemanship in a ranch setting, and this program develops people both professionally and personally. That’s something that makes it great!

So what been going on at the ranch?!

To start, last Tuesday (which was the first day of my internship), we all drove cattle from different parts of the ranch to the corrals to count them up and doctor them.They were everywhere and we rode out in small groups to find them all! There was one pesky steer that got away, had to be found, and then brought back to the corrals.

Lazy Days

The Seattle Mounted Police Unit also came to the ranch last week to practice and refine their horsemanship so they can deploy at a moments notice wherever they are needed with their horses in Seattle. They’re a great group of people, and they all did an excellent job riding and learning!

Nik and Boone

The arena horsemanship done here has very high attention to detail when being taught by Shayne and Des. They have eagle eyes and fox ears when it comes to seeing and hearing everything you do as a rider, and that makes them see what you are familiar with and what you need to work on. Shayne, Des, and the wrangler crew are all great teachers and have helped me and all the interns improve our horsemanship a lot in the past few days. I have never met a team of horseman and horsewomen that can teach as effectively and efficiently at an accelerated rate like that, and that is something special and unique. They all truly care about developing each and every horse and rider to be their best, and be set up for success.

Sophie and Trouble

Well that is all for now. There will be much more to write on next time from horses, to cattle, and riding on the mountain!

Happy trails,