Volume 16, Issue 26

Howdy Everyone!

As daily life here on the ranch continues on as normal we have found ourselves waking up to frost tipped fields and brisk temps in the low 30’s. As we say goodbye to August, it seems that September has brought with it the fall feels! The aspens are just starting to turn lighter in color meaning soon they will share their golden hue with the valley.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, having grown up in New England I am accustomed to brightly colored maples and oaks and pumpkins every where! Now while out in here in Montana there might not be the array of colored fall leaves I am used too but it’s no less beautiful. It’s certainly a breath taking sight to see when you drive through the mountains and all the aspens and larch are dotting the hillsides with varying hues of yellow and gold.

Ranch Cat Trouble brought us a gift!

This week on the ranch we have been getting ready for our next group of guests as well as catching up on our daily projects. It’s never boring around here as one night earlier this week we had a rather unexpected playful visitor while we were closing down for the night, a yearling black bear! Ranch hand Chris had his hands full chasing off the little bugger as he proceeded to run around the lodge seemingly taunting him too “catch me if you can!” Nothing to be alarmed about folks! Black bears are just super curious and we are sure he just smelled new cook Holly’s tasty food and wanted some for himself. Luckily for us he made his way back to the forest and hasn’t been seen since. It’s very rare for one to come visit but oh so cool to see!

Our resident Yogi bear

We will soon be focused on moving our cattle to the next grazing site which is always an exciting time because during this time of year that means full day cattle drives! We all pack lunches in our saddle bags and head out early in hopes of wrangling up a good group of steers to move back home. With any luck we will gather them up without too much trouble but there is always a wiley few.

Tigger wants to share Wyatts breakfast

Wells that’s all for now folks! Until next time…