It’s funny–the way our 10-day schedules go now, I’m not sure anyone really ever knows what day it is! Weekdays and weekends are all a mashed-up blur. Luckily, Sami has the Highline on a calendar alert so at least we can keep track of this!

This week our 10-day ended mid-week. We had a fantastic group of riders who we can now call our friends. Each and every one of them was tenacious, good-spirited and up for whatever each day brought for them. This group helped us to get nearly clean out at graze. All but the final 3 head of steers are left out on the Davis grazing allotment. Since their departure, our interns have been heading out with either Brenda or Dori to hunt for the 3 but have come up short each day. Today offered some fresh tracks (we are thankful for some rain a day ago!) so at least we have a better idea of where to look tomorrow. When you are hunting over 40 square miles for 3 steers, it’s nice to be able to narrow it down a bit!


Right now, Tommy is back in town and Sami, Caleb and Jenna are hard at work getting the horse herd shod. This will be their last full shoeing for the year. When Tommy comes back in November, it’s pull and trim time. It’s pretty nice that ourhorses’ feet get to rest unshod for 4-5 months of the year.

With changing seasons and temperatures, I’m getting the last couple of colts of ours set up for a few rides in the roundpen and then outside while we still have good weather. The way things go out here, it could be sunny one day and then raining the next and once the rain comes—if the temps never come back up…we’ll there goes the roundpen for the season. For now though, the weather is absolutely gorgeous…this is the weather that someone would want to be in Montana for—crisp mornings and mild days—sunny….cool enough for a light sweater but too warm for a coat. No bugs. Just right.

Well, I’d better get back to it!

Till next time,