April 10th, 2021 Volume 16, Issue 14

Greetings everyone,

The ranch has experienced just about all four seasons this past week. Snowy days, bluebird sunshine and warmth, and today it is sleeting! We do know that spring and summer will be arriving- it is just a question of when.

There is a reason he is named ‘Trouble”!

An exciting event each year is the arrival of our new yearling Black Angus steers. The first of the group came in on Wednesday, with a total of 76. All in all we should have about 250 this season, which is about thirty more than in the past.

This group looks stellar! All have nice weight, (the average was 695!) and are so far, very quiet and willing to move where they are guided. As with humans, cattle can go through phases, so we will see if this behavior holds! Yesterday we put the cattle through the chute and got them all shiny new ear tags. Then they moved on to the weigh scale for us to gather their individual base weights.

From here on in, weighing’s will be compared for monitoring purposes so that we know if they are gaining as they should be.

We are getting ready to welcome in our first official 2021 Ten-day guest stay. This afternoon guests will


arrive and they will get to spend the next ten days riding and experiencing ranch life. We are thrilled to be back in action here at MMR and looking forward to a season filled with laughter, making new friends and seeing old ones.

Have a great week ahead!


Fine bunch of steers!

Shayne overseeing the process