May 18, 2019, Volume 14, Issue 19

Hey Everyone!

This was another action packed week here at McGinnis Meadows Ranch. There were 12 guests, 8 of whom were visiting us again. The new folks were made right at home and got up to speed quickly on their horses, so they could get out and ride some country. We finished ear tagging and inoculating the cattle early in the week.

Ray riding MaGoo- holding the cattle

After just two days of horsemanship, folks who had not been on horses much, were moving cattle, sorting in the scale house pen, trotting and cantering outside in the meadows and up the mountain!  We had Amy, Chad, Tina and Allie  (both previous interns), Lynn, Ray, Jon, Flora and Clem back for more, and Sophie (Amy’s daughter), Judee, Michelle and Jake from Sweden, joining us for the first time.

Shayne was teaching horsemanship both in the indoor arena and outside this week, depending on how the weather and the ground held up. We got a bit of rain and mud but with last years work on the winter pasture, it is the perfect place to work on trotting and cantering through the trees.  We also did some cavalry exercises where riders key off of other riders in various movements. It is really fun!

On Wednesday, he took some of the more advanced guests on a long trot around the ranch, over Ferguson mountain and back

Tina and Benny and Michele and Roanie

through the west piece where the cattle were. They had a blast! Along the way he showed how to fix herd bound horses, how to post comfortably and change diagonals often, as well as how to negotiate water and steep up and downhills. Des continued her famous round pen lesson and many of the guests took advantage of this unique opportunity to work on their seat at the canter. The difference it makes in one’s riding and confidence is amazing!

Thursday we got to work the cutting ball. This is always a highlight for guests, staff and interns. This tool is not only tons of fun but it allows the horse to hook on because it can be worked at a speed that is fitting to the horse and rider.

On Friday we moved all of the cattle from the West Pasture out to Ferguson Mountain. This is their first step in their journey to make it out to the grazing allotment. Guests took them up to the water and mineral tanks making sure they knew where to find it and the cattle seemed pretty content. Next week is officially the final week of spring horsemanship for 2019. Shayne and Des are away (Fishing on their annual trip) but will return just in time for Peak Season June 2nd!

Wishing you a fabulous week ahead with many thoughts of horses in your head 🙂


Rachel’s cookies 🙂

Amy and daughter Sophie

Michele and Roanie working the cutting ball

Hello from Chief!

Flora and Brenda having fun

Allie riding scotch

Clem, Flora and Jon on their horses.

Local beer from Whitefish!