June 1, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 21

Our steers heading up to water on Ferguson

Its been a very busy week around the ranch- well, the same could be said for EVERY week but this week in particular did feel like a load. We got another 56 head of steers branded in a couple of afternoons. While our usual number is 25 per afternoon, on Wednesday we branded 31. We’re that much closer to being done! Of our total number of 221, there are only 40 left to brand.

Wild clematis growing on Ferguson

While our numbers yet to be branded are starting to dwindle, the time has come to weigh our growing buddies and turn them out onto their first mountain: Ferguson. If you have ridden with us at the ranch before, you will likely recall that this is the mountain right behind the lodge. Our first day of weighing we successfully completed 75 head. And on Friday we did the rest that needed weighing: 95. It was a long haul.

There is a technique and trick to getting the steers into the scale successfully and quietly. While one person manages the scale house and the doors onto the scale (Janice is the master at this job) another person or two slowly peel off one steer at a time to take into the scale. Sometime they’re bashful about their weight so we need to encourage them to step up inside. But really, the way I like to think about it is to go almost PAINFULLY slow. Some times all it takes to sort one off is the just get in position and sit still so they make the decision themselves rather than chase them around the pen.

Our regal resident

On Thursday of this week, after a long and hot day of weighing cattle, doing chores, and riding ponies, Emily decided that we needed a cookout! Just one more reason why we love her; she cooked up a feast for us complete with hot dogs, grilled chicken, fresh corn on the cob, potato salad, chopped salad, and baked beans! It was (obviously) delicious. And it was a much needed moment of rest after a day of hard work. We topped off our meal with ice cream sandwiches. SO GOOD.

Thats all for today, folks.

Happy trails,



Shayne and Des working on roping Nicz’s feet- getting him prepared to shoe

Cooley enjoying a good roll after an afternoon’s ride