April 28th, 2021 Volume 16, Issue 16

Hey Everyone!

Maddog and Em here!

Some Horsemanship in the Meadows

We had a super successful first 10 day at the ranch. We kicked off our season with a fantastic group of people. Everyone who joined us was incredibly enjoyable to be around and it was fun swapping stories at the end of each long productive day. We genuinely enjoyed listening to everyone’s reasons for coming to the ranch. We noticed one thing in common with everyone; they were looking to change their life. Horses and life truly are the same, just like Buck Brannaman himself states. Watching this group of people change and grow and become more confident with themselves over the last ten days has been truly awesome.

Emily the Cook Cowboying up!

As soon as our ten-day wrapped up, we got started roping and branding our newest batch of cattle. So far, everyone has been kicking some serious cowboy butt! Even the cook is out of the kitchen and horseback to aid in holding feet! At the rate we are going, we will have all 227 head branded by Friday. It’s been so much fun to have a serious job to do horseback. And the ponies enjoy it too!

Des and Lefty

Branding is always one of our favorite times of the year because it gives us an opportunity to apply everything we have been working on all winter. This might be one of the greenest roping crews the ranch has ever had but under Shayne’s guidance each and every person has been able to really get into the thick of it too get a job done, and done well. We both are so proud and excited for everyone to have the opportunity to learn and grown and get handy in such a safe and secure setting.

Kevin and Dazzle and Scotty and Yellowhair

Well that’s it for this highline addition. We have more steers to brand!

Until Next time,
Em and Maddog

Our Guest Dale cooked us all a farewell dinner