September 5th, 2020, Volume 15, Issue 35

We had quite the celebratory week here at the ranch! Both Maddie and I had birthdays this week, and to celebrate Emily put on two big birthday dinners. For my birthday on Tuesday, Emily went all out and prepared a burger bar, cauliflower mac and cheese, fries, coleslaw and topped it off with my personal favorite part, a beautiful rainbow cake.

Making a Wish

Then, on Friday it was Maddogs (Maddie) birthday, and so Emily blew us all away again by preparing a bar food themed dinner which included nachos, onion rings, steak, and a BLUE Velvet cake, tailored to Maddogs tastes. Emily never fails to impress us with her dinner, we count ourselves lucky that we get to eat so well here at the ranch. Family dinners are always an especially fun event with all the stories Shayne and Des tell, they usually have us laughing all through dinner.

Besides the birthday celebrations, we worked on our horsemanship skills in the arena. One thing we’ve talked about and worked on this week that stuck out to me was riding with only your legs. To practice this we played follow the leader, with Maddie leading the way, weaving around the arena in a line with our arms folded. This exercise really shows you how much or how little you use your legs, something I personally need to work on! But the exercise made it fun.

We also got to watch Shayne flag some of the colts while horseback, it was interesting to see how little was needed and how much the horses would change. There are so many little things going on when watching that I almost feel like I could watch it all day and still never run out of things to learn.


Our new intern Levi, had his first week with us and he already feels like family. He’s been making jokes and even gives us crap back when we give him crap, which as Anna always says is a form affection around here….

Well that’s all for this week’s ranch ramblings, tune in for next weeks adventures!

Happy Trails,



Montana Mornings


Jane and Terry out at Graze