December 15, 2018 – Volume 13 – Issue 48

Greetings everyone!

Christmas at McGinnis Meadows

Well, this week we have a start on that snow for a white Christmas but the temperatures are still reasonable.  Old man winter hasn’t come through our neck of the woods in full force yet.

This week has been a little bit more low key since our guests are busy getting ready for the holidays.  But here on the ranch life still moves along with different projects and activities.

       Roby & Hoot

Roby is putting some good rides on all the guest horses in the next few weeks.  He calls it a tune up for the up coming season.  You will find him out in the indoor arena going through the moves to make sure each horse is ready for guests to get the best horsemanship experience here at the ranch.

        Brenda riding Lucy

But what is neat this week is that Brenda, Janice, and Jenna have the opportunity to join Roby in the indoor arena. And of course, we all know how much Roby loves to teach and challenge those who ride with him.  He has them working on all the foundation work that Buck, Shayne and Des teach, with some roping getting ready for the upcoming branding season this spring.

Erin, Jenna, & Adrienne Cleaning Crew 2018

Some might call it spring-cleaning but here we call it deep cleaning.  Jenna, Erin, and myself are elbow deep in spiffing up the cabins and lodge rooms.  Getting ready for the next round of guests.  We haven’t found a dust bunny that we couldn’t handle.

Whether it is riding or doing other chores, every morning we are reminded of what a beautiful place the ranch is.  The scene never gets old of the horses making their way through the fresh snow as they are jingled in each morning. Or the fog crystallizing the meadows just after the sun has come up. It’s a special site to see here in our slice of heaven in the Rockies.

                                           Happy Trails,


           Frosty morning sunrise


Trump munching on his afternoon snack


 What’s up


Jenna & Shadow




Good morning Yellow Hair