Volume 16, Issue 22

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty”

-Winston Churchill-

This week has been such a whirlwind! We finally finished up a long two weeks of haying and the hay crew did a heck of a job getting the meadows mowed and bailed and packed away nice and neatly in our hay barns.

Nolan Bailing hay off in the sunset

Master Shoer Tommy Kilgore also arrived this week to mentor Kevin and Scott as they worked through our herd of 90 horses, getting each and everyone trimmed and shoed. It’s always such a great time when Tommy comes to visit as he is a wealth of knowledge and always has such great stories to tell. We truly enjoy having him at the ranch.

Emily stringing up fence

On top of all of that there are always more projects to be done and this gal got to get out of the office and kitchen for a bit and get on the fencing crew to put up some new fence lines in our cattle grazing areas. I love learning new tasks and fencing is no exception! Each day was more grueling than the last but boy did I slept well!

Hauling out fence posts for the job

No one every said moving out to Montana and working on a ranch would be easy. In fact, most people enjoy pointing out just how difficult ranch life can be. For me, the constant challenges that pop up daily from cooking meals on the fly to joining in on the fence crew putting up new fence are what I live for. I thrive on a hard days work and take pride in every task I do, as does every member of the McGinnis Team. We are ranchers. We are cowboys.


Until Next Time…