Monthly Stays

Month Long Stays at McGinnis Meadows Ranch!

This year, due to COVID restrictions, we were only able to open to guests on a one-month basis. This was a first for us, but based on the reviews coming in from our one-month guests, it’s something we have decided to continue with in 2021. They LOVED it!

There are many perks to the one-month option. Guests can move about at their own pace. Most of our guests during this time chose to ride all day, every day. But some were comfortable to take a day off each week. And several were able to work remotely a few hours a day, and then ride at their leisure the rest of the time. This year we extended our wifi to every cabin, so it makes working remotely something that’s very doable!

Month-long guests really integrate into the ranch family. The atmosphere is pretty casual, meals are hearty and the day begins and ends mostly according to schedule, but sometimes is adjusted based on the jobs that are needed.

We always begin in the morning with at least an hour-long session of horsemanship, and then guests head out to ride or some prefer to stay back and work on horsemanship, cattle working, flag work and much, much more. There may not be as many options available, but rest assured, all options involve being horseback for 6 or more hours a day!

In 2021, we will be open for one-month stays for the months of:

April—Cattle arrive this month, you may be assisting with weighing, doctoring, riding guest horses outside for the first times this year.

September—This is a big month for cattle out at graze! In the first part of the month we are moving cattle over our grazing allotments, towards the end of the month we will be gathering the cattle to bring them back home.

October—There’s likely to be stray cattle on the mountain to hunt for and bring back home. These last ones usually give you a run for your money! Once all cattle are home, we need to check on them each day, move them as needed and weigh them often. Lots of arena options too.

November/December—More than likely, most riding will be indoors. Of course, we’ll keep you plenty busy! Options of horsemanship catering to all levels, cutting flag, horse soccer, jumping, groundwork…we know how to keep things interesting for horses and riders during the Montana winter! In addition, with any luck, snowfall will allow us to offer snowshoeing or cross-country skiing when we are not riding.

*MMR hosts our two weeks of Buck clinics at the ranch each July. These dates will remain the same and we will book guests for both of these individual weeks like normal. Guests will arrive on Sunday afternoon, ride Mon-Fri, and depart on Saturday morning. That will be the only deviation from our updated programming for 2021.


There are several options for lodging during your month long stay.  Space for these monthly stays is limited and rates vary depending on the season and number of people per room or cabin.

Lodge rooms

Each of our three lodge rooms has a queen bed and are very comfortable for single occupancy, though we do have couples that reserve these as well. Easy access to lodge and dining room as well as internet.


We have four cabins that have a queen bed, pullout convertible futon and a sitting area. The rate for these cabins drops significantly for double occupancy, so bring your spouse, partner or friend! An added bonus is that each of these cabins now has internet, making it easy to work remotely if you need to during your stay.

Bunkhouse & Cristel cabins

These two cabins are the largest of our lodging options. These each have a queen bed downstairs, and two twin beds upstairs in an open style loft, as well as a sitting area. These cabins can accommodate 3-4 people very comfortably. Designed for families, or a group of friends, and for each person over the initial two, there is a discounted rate.

Rates- Coming soon.


Why did you choose the days of the week the way you did?

Great question! We know that flights can be expensive, especially when coming out to Northwest Montana! Flights have been shown to be the cheapest coming in on a Saturday and leaving on a Wednesday.

What if I don’t want to ride every day, or I want to take a ½ day off during any of the OTHER days of riding?

No problemo! You can do as much or as little as you’d like. The cattle working portion (specifically cutting) is progressive, so you would need to be involved from start to finish in that part to participate.

We have trails around the ranch for hiking and biking, fishing, massage, stretch class, cooking, or just good ol’ fashioned RELAXATION

Will I get a discount if I cannot stay the full 10 days of riding?

Unfortunately, this is not an option. We’ll try to make sure you get everything you need with the time you have with us though!

What will meals be like?

Family style. Hearty, healthy ranch cooking, and we accommodate special diets too!

What if I’m a beginner?

Not an issue. We have several student teachers who are LOVED amongst our guests who will spend more one-on-one time with you in the classes to make sure you feel comfortable and right in time with the rest of the class.

Do you have a weight limit?

Yes we do. We will only take riders under 220 lbs. Riding horses is an athletic sport. Our horses cover some very tough miles and perform some extremely refined horsemanship maneuvers that require lightness and balance. This requires that they have riders who can operate within this weight limit.

Do we offer transportation to and from the ranch, or will I have to rent a car?

For $100.00, per person round trip, we can provide hotel or airport pickup and return to Kalispell. Pickup at your hotel is usually between 12:00 pm and 12:30pm. Airport pickups are usually between 12:30pm and 1:00 pm. WE DO NOT DO ANY PICKUPS BEFORE 12 or AFTER 2:00. If your flight arrives before 12 noon or after 2:00, you will need to arrange your own transportation to the ranch.If you choose to rent a car, you can rent a car directly from the airport or there is also a taxi service in Kalispell.

What is your refund policy?

No refunds. ******

Please, save yourself the frustration of unexpected circumstances and purchase trip insurance within 48 hours of booking, to secure the funds for your trip. We are happy to provide references and assist in any way we can.

Give us a call for more details or to arrange for your stay!