Current Interns


Tegan Arnold

I’m 28 years old and come from the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember but I’m not from a horsey family, so my exposure to horses has been inconsistent. I moved to Canada in my early twenties and talked my way into a wrangler job at a cattle and guest ranch in BC. These hours in the saddle really built my confidence with riding horses outside, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that so much was missing in my horsemanship. It was at this ranch that I crossed paths with a guest of McGinnis Meadows, who recommended I follow Buck Brannaman and apply for an internship if I was really serious about learning this style of horsemanship. Coming to McGinnis Meadows as an intern has been a goal of mine since that job. 
I bought my first horse last year after returning home to NZ and have been learning the basics of horsemanship with her. My mum followed suit and bought her own horse too, so we’re venturing into this horsemanship journey together. Our horses both present very different challenges, and my first goal is to work with them to become gentle enough that my mum (who is a beginner) can become a confident rider. I’m still learning and am very much at the start of my horsemanship education, but came here to build a good foundation for how I work with horses going forward. The Buck Brannaman style of horsemanship appeals to me so much as it is based on finding unity between the horse and rider, rather than taking from the horse. Back home I work in agriculture and have worked with cattle on horseback before, so am really interested in learning more about cattle ranching in the States. I would love to combine my agriculture and horsemanship interests in my career, and being here learning from Shayne and Des is a step in the right direction for me.