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Micheli Lynn

Hi! My name is Micheli and I am from Dripping Springs, Texas. I am 26 years old and am interning at Mcginnis Meadows! My love and interest for horses started when I was three years old living in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. My first rides on a horse took place between an old ranch and the beaches of Mexico where all of my family rode. We moved back to the states bouncing back and forth from Texas and the island of Marthas Vineyard to be closer to family. While living on Marthas Vineyard I continued my riding but as a hunter jumper. I competed into my early teens until I took took a break from competing and continued on with other athletics. 
During summer breaks from college, I would volunteer at a therapeutic riding facility in-between my summer jobs. The combination of my degree in Psychology and love for horses and people, I started seeing the physical, and emotional benefits horses could offer people of all ages and abilities.
The last two years I have been working as the equine program manager/therapist at a residential treatment center for young men (ages 10-17). In addition to giving them a place to call home, complete their schooling and therapy, we offer multiple experiential activities, one of them being the horse program. In this program I taught young boys how to safely interact, be present with, and the responsibilities that come with caring for horses in hopes to provide them with the opportunity to experience the joys and self exploration that comes with sharing space respectfully with a horse. Every boy who has come through my program starts by watching “Buck” and are offered “The Faraway Horses” to read as they go through the program with me as they can closely relate to the experiences of Buck himself. During this time I was also was working/riding at a barrel racing facility. Where I was learning how to race, but also teaching students the basics of riding. As much as I love this work,  I couldn’t help but feel a lack of intention in the riding and “training”. I believed there had to be a better way to work with horses and people to progress both experiences. It dawned on me that Buck’s style of riding, teaching, and understanding is exactly that. 
I am at a point in my career where I am looking for better guidance and richer experiences from people who are much more knowledgeable than myself! I really believe in this style of horsemanship, and I am very excited to learn from Shayne and Des as my goal is to make even the smallest of positive differences in the relationship between horse and rider.